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No, you cannot have the code to my library card. Ridiculous- no one opens my mail without asking. What? you want me to give you the password to my Facebook … Continue reading

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Get Out

Traveling with a partner used to be a balance. A juggling act. A precarious tippy toe around minefields and mayhem. How many carry on bags, jackets, spare itineraries and pieces … Continue reading

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She’s headed to Nashville on a road trip,  a belated launch of the new year postponed by these things we call living and working and simply keeping up. The bags aren’t … Continue reading

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Make Way

If I wake up tomorrow and am nowhere, does that mean I haven’t been heading somewhere? The map unfolds itself in the signs of the day to day. While making … Continue reading

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Theresa and I arrive late, giggling, a little tipsy from cocktails prior to the start. The group is small, the room is long and narrow, bare, a few chairs in … Continue reading

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Fold me under into your body, knees drawn to my chest, your arm closed around my center, hand nestled between breasts. Tuck your knees tight behind mine, press thighs to … Continue reading

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There’s some chance she’s in the right kind of place this time around. A tall can of red bull and some bed head hidden under a hoodie tell those who … Continue reading

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The Sounds of Color

Four hours never passed so quickly.  So richly. The colors and sounds are in my mind- white sheets,  our skin,  the grey in your eyes;  red strawberries and sun- dappled … Continue reading

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Executive Assistant

By day she works for men. She is her own boss but it is the men who hire her. She knows what they need. She is a listener. She keeps … Continue reading

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