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Rock Me Mama

Out late in the night she sees only neon, the ice in the tumbler, the glisten of olive in gin. Discussions around her cover all of the flavors of the … Continue reading

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Found: Me

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s a woman at the end of her rope. There’s strength in the making of moments; the times we all treasure … Continue reading

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Peace, please.

Your children sleep your parents are safe your dog lies at the foot of your bed, softly snoring. There’s a sound in the night it’s your voice crying out in … Continue reading

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Chains as a Symbol of Freedom $100 Million in box office debut means something.  The rise of Wonder Woman does not surprise most women. The story, rooted in feminism,  the movie directed by a female, … Continue reading

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Let’s talk, yes? It’s a spring evening. There are a few days of storms rolling through. We have the humidity in mid-May that defies July’s trend setting style. Pull in … Continue reading

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Judge Not

Why are we told we shouldn’t care about what other people think about what we do when in reality there are things called reputation and integrity? We do care. We … Continue reading

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Desired. And not.

There’s a coldness in her eyes, a walk that won’t sway, a melancholy sigh in her step. She’s a woman of complicated wanting. She’s a woman of the simplest of … Continue reading

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Pour me a Scotch from the high lands. Throw an ice on the lot, for a few. Swirl the glass in a circular motion. Sip from the rim, pause, let … Continue reading

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I’ve lived the traditional road. Married young, faithful, accommodating, not free. I’ve left a burned path behind me. Lived large for 30, then unfaithful for three. I’ve apologized for my … Continue reading

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I’m too old to be a sugar baby. I’m too generic to be the recipient of a windfall. I’m too unknown to be the focus of a rich benefactor. Guess … Continue reading

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Move over, move out.

What the fuck are you up to woman?  I don’t know. I reject Paulo Coelho. I avoid the self-help aisle, believe it might be infested with cockroaches. I do not … Continue reading

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Can’t settle in

Let’s not confuse settling down with settling in. One is an end, the other a beginning. There’s an implied discomfort with settling down, at least for me there is, an implied … Continue reading

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You are not like them. You should be living in the city with interesting  people…people with ideas and open mindedness! YOU are funny. YOU are interesting. YOU could talk to … Continue reading

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No, you cannot have the code to my library card. Ridiculous- no one opens my mail without asking. What? you want me to give you the password to my Facebook … Continue reading

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Get Out

Traveling with a partner used to be a balance. A juggling act. A precarious tippy toe around minefields and mayhem. How many carry on bags, jackets, spare itineraries and pieces … Continue reading

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She’s headed to Nashville on a road trip,  a belated launch of the new year postponed by these things we call living and working and simply keeping up. The bags aren’t … Continue reading

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Make Way

If I wake up tomorrow and am nowhere, does that mean I haven’t been heading somewhere? The map unfolds itself in the signs of the day to day. While making … Continue reading

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Theresa and I arrive late, giggling, a little tipsy from cocktails prior to the start. The group is small, the room is long and narrow, bare, a few chairs in … Continue reading

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Fold me under into your body, knees drawn to my chest, your arm closed around my center, hand nestled between breasts. Tuck your knees tight behind mine, press thighs to … Continue reading

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There’s some chance she’s in the right kind of place this time around. A tall can of red bull and some bed head hidden under a hoodie tell those who … Continue reading

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I’ve never been to Russia

  In Russia, there is something called a “starter marriage” It’s the one with the kids, the dog, the white picket fences. The one with jobs, and career, and home … Continue reading

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The Sounds of Color

Four hours never passed so quickly.  So richly. The colors and sounds are in my mind- white sheets,  our skin,  the grey in your eyes;  red strawberries and sun- dappled … Continue reading

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There’s no time for wasting

  Lie back, settle in the pillows, covered in the sheet, the sweat from lovemaking, the sheen of desire. Feel your clock ticking, deny it exists, renew the fervor for … Continue reading

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Versus this, versus that.

Let’s take moment to reflect on what young women are trained to want and then what we are told to choose.  We are trained to want the Knight in Shining … Continue reading

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Knowlton’s Threshold

The repackaging of words to suit the mood, to soothe the mood ensued around 6 pm, often later, rarely over the noon hour. Darkness crossed threshold as he stood in … Continue reading

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