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Observation: Alpha Beta Many support the traditional roles played in a marriage as the normal and therefore best. Although I applaud this Alpha female’s awareness of her communication challenges with her husband, … Continue reading

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Round the Bend

Thrust me into the decision making. I’ve floundered too long, flexed the muscle of time to the point of strain. I’m not going to fix this. I can see the … Continue reading

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Done Drifting

Let me go. Please let me go. Your love is generous, gracious, full of promises, steady as the future goes. You have my children, hold my history, shaped me in this … Continue reading

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Be my Ear

Football Sunday, Monday and again, Thursday. Fingers entwined I learn the line, the calls, the plays, the grime. You revel in the stories of icy games and hard hits and … Continue reading

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The Calm

  Then. Now: It is not my nature to be so dark and brooding. I have not been the storm- prefer to be the calm-am known as the calm. But … Continue reading

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Merry New Year

A midwest morning with coffee is as far as I’ve gotten with my new year resolutions. No half-n-half in the fridge brings me downstairs and across the street to what … Continue reading

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The pull

The pull of our children is great— not that we need their love, but that we have put them into the position of knowing that love is a choice.   … Continue reading

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Sing It- Janis Joplin

“Mercedes Benz”- Janis Joplin Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz ?My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends.Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my … Continue reading

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Let’s not take for granted the person who is there for us in the night. Let’s not take for granted the years of service, and loving care and encouragement that … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Learning

via Daily Prompt: Learning Perhaps we are trying too hard to heal ourselves. Why can’t we hold out our heads like we do our hands, let our minds reach out, … Continue reading

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Daily Prompts- Muse

Muse– Walk with me, match my stride, ease my energy into yours. There’s something at play in the design of your form, something at play in the way mine has … Continue reading

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Interrupt me, please

Coffee shops allow a plug-in to the energy of community. Deep chairs, wingback, ram-rod straight wooden seats make the reach out happen. Lean over to scoop up your book and … Continue reading

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This is a repost from almost a year ago. Same sensual ease exists but the perspective sees the tarnished truth; the blurred lines where he was solid and strong.- Ret … Continue reading

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