My Mind is Mine

my mind is mine.  it is the one thing i still Own; 

i shall do with it what i wish.

This complex and carnal female is always learning. She researches, adventures, reads, writes, and starts all over the next day with a cup of java, or two or three. Truthful and tactful, wordy and willing, she seeks to ensnare the next worthy, witty male… and will make a strong connection with him, one which will scare her, a little, because she gives her mind first, then her body. Always.

She blogs in reflective and observational tone, sometimes in story format and spews wordy fits of submission and assertiveness, exploring where she hasn’t been allowed or invited, reclaiming for her own use tidbits of knowledge, those untapped and untouched secrets, musings, the wanting she is unable to keep from her waking hours.

Seeking and finding deeply satisfying conversations and personal revelations, RMP allows her to feed her mind, explore her own path, take what fits and discard what does not. Despite expectations of conformity to societal norms and the traditions of her public role, she connects, she writes, she makes her own choices, assigns no one blame but herself, and looks back only to see how much she has grown.

“She is unforgettable; the dance of witty banter stubbornly remains longer in his memory than the weight of her breasts, breasts the selected male will greedily cup in his hands, will lean in to savor, and will forgo for a moment as he traces his fingertips down the back of her long neck as her head dips slightly forward to meet his touch.”

Today, she is afraid exploratory conversations may take over the hours of her day, and wants them to take over the hours of her day.  This anticipation and attraction drives her to distraction.  So she researches, writes, reads and adventures, and starts all over the next day, with a cup of java, or two or three…








February 26, 2013- for Reticent Mental Property

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