Hey,It’s working, and I pasted your last email below for ease of reference.

Yeah, this whole thing is a little different. I just have a hard time imaging a husband being okay with his wife getting banged good and hard by another man. I am worried about being hurt. Lol.

I have never done anything like this before. I am fine with you having your dignity. :-).

But just so you know I am 100% safe in every way. I don’t think I told you that I am a single father raising three kids on my own. I am a business professional, clean cut and conservative.

I guess the one area where I am a bit adventurous is sex, but I have always kept it one on one and never have been involved in a threesome or group sex or any kind.


Dear A.T.,

Pondering.This would be the time where I would forward email to husband for discussion…public meeting for coffee/drink no big deal, but a big deal…you know.

Safety… I’m crossing a marital line that I’ve blurred.  I know we came into this for different reasons but with the same objective.

I know for men it takes little more than a willing partner… no offense… but for me, I  I will enjoy it more because I’m acting like a whore with hubby’s approval…(btw- that’s an apology to myself—and You if you were NOT thinking that of me…)

Does this make sense…I can do this for him, but with a little bit of dignity. eh? 


Adventures are not for the faint of heart, but collateral damage ensues.  A weakened  once-beautiful heart, a disgust for the pace of the chase, a tarnishing of the fairytale romantic notions we try to appease. The things wives will do for their man to avoid looking at the root of the loss of passion. 

# for RMP. No images due to the stark nature of this exchange. Doesn’t look good in writing. Don’t want to put a visual on the page.

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