Suddenly, everyone is a Dom

Now that you are beginning to read this, I hope that you have been a good girl and have behaved well while you have been patiently waiting for me to write back to you. Now you can have these words as a treat, something to tide you over.

I have considered the fact of your relationship, and I will say that I am in one as well, also never intending to leave. Yet, an opportunity for an adventure so bold, exciting, risky, serious, and deep, has presented itself, and you are one challenge I will not back down from.

I believe that age is only a number. However, with age comes a development,  exploration, and understanding of one’s sexuality. And in this case, with the fact that you are just now ready to go off this cliff with me, it is in fact better that you are 40-something. Why? Because of the sheer amount of time you have fantasized about being a submissive woman to a dominant man with a firm and well-guided hand to lead you with. I know there is so much buried in your head just waiting to be experienced.

If just thinking about the possibilities makes you burn, just imagine what reaction your body will have when the sensation of his breath dancing over your body is realized. One can’t even being to imagine what treasures your mind has for the lucky discoverer.

You now have two tasks:

1.) Describe your physical and mental self to me. Be imaginative, be raw.

2.) I believe you are going to need a name, and I know you have thought about what you’d like to be called.






#for RMP

2 thoughts on “Suddenly, everyone is a Dom

  1. This is from your dominate?
    Nice to meet you… Reticent; Not revealing ones thoughts or feelings readily…
    My journey is not quite a year old. I am to early 40’s and finding my way that I was always meant to walk… It started in the Bedroom.. Now, I would like o much more. Tell me a little more about you… ❤🐇


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