Taking care of the Tile Guy

Joe: welcome back
 me: had to take care of the tile guy…lol.
 Joe: sounds like fun
3:19 PM me: well i was all revved up, from you, and he was giving off heat since he came thru the door this morning to set the fireplace tile
 Joe: hehe…oh really?
 me: serious.
 Joe: serious
3:20 PM me: yes.
3:21 PM nice looking guy…blue eyes. Isaac. good handshake. felt him immediately… hard to concentrate around him…
 Joe: go on…
3:22 PM me: I seriously wonder how many times he gets offers.
 Joe: did you offer anything?
 me: what do you think…
3:23 PM i did have boots on… he was powerless…
 Joe: oh please, go on
 me: i was all alone here.
  i couldn’t help myself…
3:24 PM the couch is right there…
3:25 PM Joe: just told him to take you there
3:27 PM me: i said, “you should tell me you are a happily married man, a devoted husband….and how many times do you get propositioned on the job? you have been throwing heat since you came in this morning.”
  just like that.
  he looked me right in the eyes and didn’t even hesitate.
3:28 PM he said, it happens less that i’d like.
3:29 PM I told him no one was home and i wasn’t expecting anyone. I leaned over and unzipped one boot and stepped out of it. And then the other.
3:30 PM you know my rule. skirt. no panties. there wasn’t much in the way except his knee pads which he seemed pretty comfortable dropping in a short order. Couple of velcro pulls and he was able to walk right over to me.
Joe: god that’s hot
February 26, 2013 for RMP


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