Coffee Date

1:14 PM granite: hi there
1:16 PM me: hey coffee date
 granite: lol hey naughty girl
 me: we seem like old friends
1:17 PM granite: lol yes ..we do know some dark secrets about each other
 me: know each other’s well
1:18 PM granite: actually probably some things no one else knows…
1:19 PM me: some things my own mind does not even know…yet…
 granite: ha but i do know what your body wants…
1:20 PM me: and i know what yours desires…
1:21 PM granite: wants and desires…the basis of passion
 me: and soon all of this will come crashing together, in a public venue… oh my…better maintain your composure …
1:22 PM granite: lol i am not worried about me…
1:23 PM me: correct. i am certainly projecting a bit…i will not be as chatty in person i’m afraid…patience.
 granite: no worries…alot easier to tallk on here
  i can tell you how i want your mouth on myhardness
  harder to do that in a coffee shop
1:24 PM lol
1:25 PM me: and i can tell you how i’m willing to have you hold me, locked in place, kneeling in front of you…but probably will have to say that with my eyes in a coffee shop.
1:26 PM granite: lol hmmm yes your hands tied behind your back, as i grab your hair
  you are correct
1:27 PM meso i must get on the road…
 granite: same here
  see you soon
 me: yes.
#for RMP

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