Having Sext

Dear Potential Sext Partner, 

You’ll hear about my breasts and nipples when the time is right.

How private is your work space?

Are you only able to converse only by text or do you work on a keyboard…?
and of course,
how big is your….
Hmmm….getting right to the details I see…work from my smartphone. private “secret” account. don’t use computer. have my own office which is private, but public restroom. can use IM too. u?
She thinks ewww.
sorry, the devil is in the details…
and evidently in the men I find wanting to chat…
you boyz are rather forward…
tell me about your breasts and nipples…?
not going to work for me…strike 1.
nope. don’t deserve that strike. your description of what you are wearing to work including the ben wa balls and see through blouse/nipples comments led me to believe they I could go there w/o penalty. trust me, i’m paying attention…
yes, you can go there,

but for me,

it’s all in the ask…
i talk dirty, don’t necessarily converse dirty 24/7.
Carnal, yes. Complex, absolutely. While talking dirty has it’s place, I’m very well rounded in conversation… i want a satisfying encounter from my end as well…this frequently takes a little more than thumb action can provide…which is why I asked for detail.
no offense meant.
but this kind of chat will be mutually beneficial or I walk…
yes, in my high heels, right by you, close enough so i can inhale your scent and make you wish you could hook your finger into the top of my blouse and rip off the buttons to remove it one pull because you are so hot to see for yourself what my hard nipples really look like…
: )
as you lean close to me I smell you as well and notice your breasts pressing against the fabric of your blouse. I feel a stirring between my legs as I begin to imagine what’s underneath. we’ve only just met, so I try unsuccessfully to pretend not to notice, but I see in your eyes that you realize both my efforts and my interest…
so you do have it in you…
She has such a hungry head and knows this is not feeding her mind. 
# for Reticent Mental Property

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