Stops Thinking

RMPstronghandonneckkissingShe knows she wants to have very intimate, deep and meaningful relationship, of some sort, on some level, with his mind.


She knows what it is, can’t fake it. Sometimes, she meets a man whose presence drives her to distraction; her head dips forward, her core tightens, flared nostrils pull in air, expanding her heart, giving her the strength to face forward.


She’s experienced this a few times in her life. Too few.


And instead of falling to the floor, like each piece of clothing he tells her when, and how, to remove, she makes the mental choice to respond to her body,  to the commands, and moves toward him instead of walking away to avoid the risk; caves to the wanting, anticipates the taking.


She inhales sharply and rises up to the challenge, her nipples harden, she feels a circling, squeezing tenseness between her thighs… she knows, if she has this gut reaction, which physically makes her brace herself against the nearest solid object, she will find in this weakest moment, her greatest strength… her truth.


Powerful lust, she knows the silent messages she sends with her posture and her handshake, the look in her eyes may be welcomed by this rare encounter….and if it is, if his response gives her the signal to advance with purpose, her legs will be wrapped around only this man’s hips in the public and private places they travel, when he wishes.


It is then she recognizes her wants are needs, have to be answered. Her mind comes, with much trust.


And she stops thinking,  stills her mind.







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