RMPtoolbeltACME – only 1 employee

ACME love repair service for women (midwest)


ACME is a nonprofit full service love repair service for women that (sic) need short or long term sex repair above, (your head), and below your waist. We encourage special requests before or at the time of service call. We also provide a “drive to” for your convenience should a house call be dangerous.

We provide, among (sic) requests, the following services:
Light kinky, role playing, light bondage, s/m, oral specialists, including dirty talk, doggy, dining table, couch, counter-tops, and long slow bed work. ACME is an equal opportunity service provider to married, single, tall short, voluptuous, curvy women.

bbw types
require two service employees.

At this time there is only one ACME employee. He is 6′-1″, slender, has large purple plunger that is excellent for rump bumping, and ham slamming. He is very sexy and cool.

All employees are insured and bondaged, (sic) and they are guaranteed to perform their (sic) service call to your satisfaction or we will return again, again, and again until your (sic) SATISFIED.

She tries, unsuccessfully, to ignore the spelling, the grammar, the…
# for Reticent Mental Property

St. Valentine

RMPstvalentineprague2:25 PM granite: how is your afternoon
2:26 PM me: hi hi hi
2:27 PM granite: keeping busy?
 me: no, my afternoon is quiet….YOURs is busy
2:28 PM granite: yeah i know…should be done at 2 though
2:29 PM me: and that’s when my shift ramps up…whatevah…
2:30 PM granite1207: ahh. jesus we have timing
 me: yes
2:31 PM did u get my email…?
 granite: yes ….very nice pic you are pretty
2:37 PM me: r u working or playing?… teasing.
 i am playing.
but i’m supposed to be working.
 i’m a very bad employee.
 granite: i am working…wish i was playing with you…
  lol good for you
  we all need distractions
 me: just this week or so…mostly i’m an awesome employee…i just get so much done i have time to play…
2:40 PM granite: well i work 50-60 hrs a week so can take some time
 me: I wore my boots today…
 granite: ooh very sexy
 me: 50/60hrs?…and you want to add more to your life…?
 granite: lol yup exaclty
  as i said i have some flexibility during the day time
2:41 PM me: clearly this kind of relationship is time consuming…i hope you know what you are (trying) to get yourself into…
2:42 PM granite: oh i do very well
  and i intend to invest the time into it if it works out
  one must have priorities
2:43 PM me: oh, i know your priorities…do you think we have any common ground beyond, er, that one area of priority…?
2:44 PM guess we’ll find out.
2:45 PM granite: lol yes wel will… we will see when we have pillow talk …
2:46 PM me: you sound pretty sure of the pillow…lunch first (and I don’t mean me…) then we will see…
2:47 PM granite: lol of course..but i think we will click
 me: i might like pillow fights over pillow talk…
2:48 PM granite: hmm that could be kinky
 me: most everything can be…
2:51 PM hold that (dirty) thought…lunch plan…let’s make one…where…time… I’ll be busy west side til 12:30ish…
2:54 PM granite: uf dah.. i have a meeting at 1
2:55 PM me: laughing. l nearly spit out coffee.
 granite: free from 1045-1
  lol i now
  really normally my schedule is not this going on vacation next wed so have alot planned to make up for that
2:56 PM me: be careful. i’m going to start taking this scheduling issue as a sign…VACA– that’s what’s doing it… always have to put in two weeks the week prior to get one week off…
2:57 PM i hope you are going somewhere tropical where they bring you Mai-tais and lemon scented towels…
2:58 PM granite: well quite the opposite..somewhere where there are mountains and 12 inches of fresh snow
2:59 PM going to Utah
3:00 PM me: oh yes…no sex there… bwahaha… sorry, that is probably not funny…ok. a mountain trip. Then i hope someone (wearing furry high heels and a thong brings you a nice sidecar in the evening so you can unwind and warm up all over…)
3:01 PM granite: ha that would be nice..i am meeting family and staying with them out there, so def. no sex
  there will be wine
  oh that reminds me..what is your religious background
3:02 PM me: i’m devout and nun-like.
 granite: well i am pious and priest like
  so we are good
  i was raised catholic and and now an atheist
  the reason i bring it up is I was going to insult mormons
3:03 PM cuz in Utah its freakin hard to buy booze
 me: insult at your leisure. btw i have GOT to see that play about Mormons…
 granite: yes me too!
  Book of Mormon
  is playing in Chicago
3:04 PM me: Yes, that’s it.
 granite: i kinda should have figured you weren’t mormon
 me: i have vehemently rejected my catholic upbringing. I have always thought I was born in the wrong pew.
 granite: well we have that in common too
3:06 PM me: I prefer Muir, ” No wonder the hills and groves were God’s first temples, and the more they are cut down and hewn into cathedrals and churches, the farther off and dimmer seems the Lord.”
3:07 PM but i am not an atheist. yet.
3:09 PM granite: well you are going to hell anyway
 me: this i know. if there is a hell.
3:10 PM granite: that is why i don’t believe in it…
 me: how long did it take you to kick the church’s ass to the curb…?
3:11 PM oh. hold that thought. you know the time. it’s time. must go.
 granite: okay will tell you more on that later
3:12 PM me: Must go pray to St. Valentine over dinner for guidance and how to save my soul…
 granite: lol st valentine …he will likely make you more corrupt
  which is good
3:13 PM me: it is who i am.
 granite: ha i kinda figured
 me: you have no idea.
 granite: oooh really???
  i hope to find out your darkest secrets
 me: i hope i’m able to trust you to allow them to be revealed…
3:14 PM granite: i will protect them always
 me: thank you.
3:15 PM ttfn
 granite: bye now
 me: bye
# for Reticent Mental Property

Eddie Vedder -unplugged


Feel it.

Sometimes, what you need is to just sit in it.

Don’t rush it to all better.

Be uncomfortable.

Be wordless.


She has…been.

Bach-Cello Suite No.1


Music: take me back to that man in a tuxedo,  that man with skilled fingers,  and to the way that man held my face, in those hands. Oh, he could make women do, things, with that mouth of his.

Memories: rush back, race over and over in my most awake states, or in those quiet moments when thinking stops.  Rise up, life lived, to the present, those touches not lost, never wasted, moments seized and willed into existence, carved inside my hungry head.

Mind: flood my whole self, remind me how he could overtake my hesitation… that fervent side sweep to the left and signature lower lip-tug ending, this intimate partnering and tasting, so very critical to this woman, that crazy gift he carried in his kiss.

She pushes aside how much she misses them to focus on her pride in pursuing and capturing them, this treasure, this experience of him, all tucked away, in a place where her mind freely revisits, whenever she wishes.


# for Reticent Mental Property

Food and Sex

RMPchocstrawberryFood and sex. You should simply stop eating if you are opening cans of Campbell’s and serving cardboard pizza with a side of multi-vitamin.

I’m serious, man. Approach your food like kissing:  if you have no desire to look into her eyes, no willingness to begin with a nibble, no interest in holding her, in the way that makes her dip her head forward, submitting to your attentions, then you shouldn’t bother putting your mouth to her at all…

Look at the labels on your food. Undress them, dropping each discovered ingredient to the floor. If what is revealed is not sustaining, or spicy, or tempting, or colorful, or vibrant, or alive, then consider whether it is even worth consuming…

She loves dancing in the kitchen. 

#for Reticent Mental Property

The First Date

RMPbdsmFresh sustenance- this new conversation partner.

Our guileless interactions yield provocative stirrings of loin, of limb, of core.

Sit at my table, yes, with your acquaintances your friends.

I will talk over them, catch your eye and your breath. 

You do not temper your mind.

You do not acquiesce to the norm.

You do not urgently hide away this debate, that opinion, politely, so as not to offend.

Yes, oh yes, give me the spirited match of wits, the silly, the playful, the laughter of learning the history of you.

Rules of civility be damned, courtesy be deferred, push aside the necessary, engage in negotiation, even when nothing is allowed on the table. I will be listening.

There exists no barter, no trade, when manners are strutting.

Instead, patience. 

A word here.

A touch there.

He, on the surface, platonic. 

Underneath, an intimate tango.

Unleash unchaperoned conversation.

Release hushed humor.

He swirls a mixture of words, playfully constructing tension and gracing the surface of his conversation with intent to test her. With his spoken word he intentionally combines both promises and revelations.  His casual instruction is dressed up as innuendo and his curious questions caress her mind, will later invade her thoughts as he learns her unspoken limits.

She knew he was searching for it, she turned to pull another book from the shelf. And he freely admitted he loved her mind and wanted it all.  
#for Reticent Mental Property 


RMPstvalentine2Make Each Other Moan – m4w – 23 (downtown) – 23
I am looking for a nice girl to come over and moan very loudly for me while I moan maybe you can bounce on my bed. This is to make the neighbors jealous, no sex, nudity or anything like that required just moaning loudly for the neighbors.

  • Location: downtown

She just laughs and laughs and laughs. She can do this for him. 

# for Reticent Mental Property