RMPreclining“Incessant talk runs into serious trouble. It can’t honor things, because there’s no “sacred space” for them (to quote someone with whom I spoke recently). There’s no sense of a time for quieting down and listening. Thus, there’s little room for taking anything serious in. Instead, people vie to be heard—but no one’s listening anyway, so no one gets heard. This is an exaggerated representation, of course, but it’s largely accurate.

The problem is not just that people talk, talk, and talk. (Nor is it a problem of extroverts versus introverts, as many who qualify as introverts have a great propensity for chatter.) It’s that there’s so much rush, so much overload of work and information, that people don’t even have a chance to ruminate, to sift through experiences, to read books for pleasure and interest, or to test out ideas.”- Diana Senechal

She’s comfortable in the silence; strolling through her own thoughts; being.

#for Reticent Mental Property

23 thoughts on “Ruminate

  1. Silence is such an integral part of conversations. Sometimes I have the best ones when I say nothing at all. My post exemplifies how this dynamic cannot be replicated on social sites.


  2. Sorry for the confusing responses. I have been occupied over a conference I had yesterday. My photos are “collected” from the magic of the internet, and are only there as decoration. Generally, I’m unsatisfied with them, but they work for what I want them to do. Very few are originals.

    I love flirting. It is such a charming way to communicate with either sex, and you communicate well.

    The narcissist in me loves your detailed attention. Thank you.


  3. The woman i am enjoys lavishing attention on narcissists.

    Welcome back from your conference. What did you learn about yourself, your work, your words, Mr. May…? or were you occupied with, perhaps distracted by, knee to knee conversations and such…?


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