A hot man encounters your inner submissive (SoHo)

To most she’s the sweet girl in the diaphanous blue dress. The one who likes cupcakes and cat memes and smells like spring. What they don’t know is a blindfold makes her look inward. To a part of the sweet spring girl they could never understand. Would never seek out. The part that is wrapped tight, like a present. Wanting to be opened. It’s the reason she has the half smile as they watch her walk past. The two parts, existing in the same space, on par with all the other mysteries of the universe.

Do write me. I will not disappoint.

She flinches at the incongruous use of hot and diaphanous in the same ad. She writes,  knowing he will disappoint. 

4 thoughts on “Authenticity

  1. Perhaps I have been reincarnated and my previous life was full of busters and gams…loved diaphanous… bring back the chivalry, the mystery, the manners…leave the hot for later, when we are strewn, limbs entangled… Read Amor Towles’ Rules of Civility? Check it out.

    (She told him to do the same.)


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