Willy’s Personal Ad


take your dentures out & gum me – m4w – 73 (assisted living) – 73

The nurses where I live all have teeth. “Willy” can’t stand teeth. Send picture without dentures so I know you are smooth enough for me. At my age I don’t care about diseases(not much time left) so if you have hair piece I won’t mind.

If you can make “Willy” stand at attention maybe you could sit on my lap with out sliding off. Put “old cooter” in subject line to be considered. I am very selective so I wish you ladies lots of luck in being selected. Be over 50 years old and under 250 pounds(we have a scale in the facilities if you are close). I’m looking forward to your responses. My grandson will be helping me weed through the e-mails.

  • Location: assisted living

She laughs, delighting in the comedic routine of wading through witty responses from readers.

#for Reticent Mental Property

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