The First Date

RMPbdsmFresh sustenance- this new conversation partner.

Our guileless interactions yield provocative stirrings of loin, of limb, of core.

Sit at my table, yes, with your acquaintances your friends.

I will talk over them, catch your eye and your breath. 

You do not temper your mind.

You do not acquiesce to the norm.

You do not urgently hide away this debate, that opinion, politely, so as not to offend.

Yes, oh yes, give me the spirited match of wits, the silly, the playful, the laughter of learning the history of you.

Rules of civility be damned, courtesy be deferred, push aside the necessary, engage in negotiation, even when nothing is allowed on the table. I will be listening.

There exists no barter, no trade, when manners are strutting.

Instead, patience. 

A word here.

A touch there.

He, on the surface, platonic. 

Underneath, an intimate tango.

Unleash unchaperoned conversation.

Release hushed humor.

He swirls a mixture of words, playfully constructing tension and gracing the surface of his conversation with intent to test her. With his spoken word he intentionally combines both promises and revelations.  His casual instruction is dressed up as innuendo and his curious questions caress her mind, will later invade her thoughts as he learns her unspoken limits.

She knew he was searching for it, she turned to pull another book from the shelf. And he freely admitted he loved her mind and wanted it all.  
#for Reticent Mental Property 

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