Bach-Cello Suite No.1


Music: take me back to that man in a tuxedo,  that man with skilled fingers,  and to the way that man held my face, in those hands. Oh, he could make women do, things, with that mouth of his.

Memories: rush back, race over and over in my most awake states, or in those quiet moments when thinking stops.  Rise up, life lived, to the present, those touches not lost, never wasted, moments seized and willed into existence, carved inside my hungry head.

Mind: flood my whole self, remind me how he could overtake my hesitation… that fervent side sweep to the left and signature lower lip-tug ending, this intimate partnering and tasting, so very critical to this woman, that crazy gift he carried in his kiss.

She pushes aside how much she misses them to focus on her pride in pursuing and capturing them, this treasure, this experience of him, all tucked away, in a place where her mind freely revisits, whenever she wishes.


# for Reticent Mental Property

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