Food and Sex

RMPchocstrawberryFood and sex. You should simply stop eating if you are opening cans of Campbell’s and serving cardboard pizza with a side of multi-vitamin.

I’m serious, man. Approach your food like kissing:  if you have no desire to look into her eyes, no willingness to begin with a nibble, no interest in holding her, in the way that makes her dip her head forward, submitting to your attentions, then you shouldn’t bother putting your mouth to her at all…

Look at the labels on your food. Undress them, dropping each discovered ingredient to the floor. If what is revealed is not sustaining, or spicy, or tempting, or colorful, or vibrant, or alive, then consider whether it is even worth consuming…

She loves dancing in the kitchen. 

#for Reticent Mental Property

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