St. Valentine

RMPstvalentineprague2:25 PM granite: how is your afternoon
2:26 PM me: hi hi hi
2:27 PM granite: keeping busy?
 me: no, my afternoon is quiet….YOURs is busy
2:28 PM granite: yeah i know…should be done at 2 though
2:29 PM me: and that’s when my shift ramps up…whatevah…
2:30 PM granite1207: ahh. jesus we have timing
 me: yes
2:31 PM did u get my email…?
 granite: yes ….very nice pic you are pretty
2:37 PM me: r u working or playing?… teasing.
 i am playing.
but i’m supposed to be working.
 i’m a very bad employee.
 granite: i am working…wish i was playing with you…
  lol good for you
  we all need distractions
 me: just this week or so…mostly i’m an awesome employee…i just get so much done i have time to play…
2:40 PM granite: well i work 50-60 hrs a week so can take some time
 me: I wore my boots today…
 granite: ooh very sexy
 me: 50/60hrs?…and you want to add more to your life…?
 granite: lol yup exaclty
  as i said i have some flexibility during the day time
2:41 PM me: clearly this kind of relationship is time consuming…i hope you know what you are (trying) to get yourself into…
2:42 PM granite: oh i do very well
  and i intend to invest the time into it if it works out
  one must have priorities
2:43 PM me: oh, i know your priorities…do you think we have any common ground beyond, er, that one area of priority…?
2:44 PM guess we’ll find out.
2:45 PM granite: lol yes wel will… we will see when we have pillow talk …
2:46 PM me: you sound pretty sure of the pillow…lunch first (and I don’t mean me…) then we will see…
2:47 PM granite: lol of course..but i think we will click
 me: i might like pillow fights over pillow talk…
2:48 PM granite: hmm that could be kinky
 me: most everything can be…
2:51 PM hold that (dirty) thought…lunch plan…let’s make one…where…time… I’ll be busy west side til 12:30ish…
2:54 PM granite: uf dah.. i have a meeting at 1
2:55 PM me: laughing. l nearly spit out coffee.
 granite: free from 1045-1
  lol i now
  really normally my schedule is not this going on vacation next wed so have alot planned to make up for that
2:56 PM me: be careful. i’m going to start taking this scheduling issue as a sign…VACA– that’s what’s doing it… always have to put in two weeks the week prior to get one week off…
2:57 PM i hope you are going somewhere tropical where they bring you Mai-tais and lemon scented towels…
2:58 PM granite: well quite the opposite..somewhere where there are mountains and 12 inches of fresh snow
2:59 PM going to Utah
3:00 PM me: oh yes…no sex there… bwahaha… sorry, that is probably not funny…ok. a mountain trip. Then i hope someone (wearing furry high heels and a thong brings you a nice sidecar in the evening so you can unwind and warm up all over…)
3:01 PM granite: ha that would be nice..i am meeting family and staying with them out there, so def. no sex
  there will be wine
  oh that reminds me..what is your religious background
3:02 PM me: i’m devout and nun-like.
 granite: well i am pious and priest like
  so we are good
  i was raised catholic and and now an atheist
  the reason i bring it up is I was going to insult mormons
3:03 PM cuz in Utah its freakin hard to buy booze
 me: insult at your leisure. btw i have GOT to see that play about Mormons…
 granite: yes me too!
  Book of Mormon
  is playing in Chicago
3:04 PM me: Yes, that’s it.
 granite: i kinda should have figured you weren’t mormon
 me: i have vehemently rejected my catholic upbringing. I have always thought I was born in the wrong pew.
 granite: well we have that in common too
3:06 PM me: I prefer Muir, ” No wonder the hills and groves were God’s first temples, and the more they are cut down and hewn into cathedrals and churches, the farther off and dimmer seems the Lord.”
3:07 PM but i am not an atheist. yet.
3:09 PM granite: well you are going to hell anyway
 me: this i know. if there is a hell.
3:10 PM granite: that is why i don’t believe in it…
 me: how long did it take you to kick the church’s ass to the curb…?
3:11 PM oh. hold that thought. you know the time. it’s time. must go.
 granite: okay will tell you more on that later
3:12 PM me: Must go pray to St. Valentine over dinner for guidance and how to save my soul…
 granite: lol st valentine …he will likely make you more corrupt
  which is good
3:13 PM me: it is who i am.
 granite: ha i kinda figured
 me: you have no idea.
 granite: oooh really???
  i hope to find out your darkest secrets
 me: i hope i’m able to trust you to allow them to be revealed…
3:14 PM granite: i will protect them always
 me: thank you.
3:15 PM ttfn
 granite: bye now
 me: bye
# for Reticent Mental Property

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