So, you should write a book.

i have begun, yes.

About the cancer?

No. I don’t want to write about it. What is there to say?

You are angry.

What good does it do me to be angry? This isn’t caused by what i’ve done or not done. God doesn’t send it. This is not a payback for some past misdeed. It’s cancer. It lives in us and sometimes, something triggers her and she’s set free to devour. It’s not a choice.

Ah, but there is much to learn from this experience with it…

Learning is the only good thing one takes from cancer; but i could learn in other ways. I don’t need cancer to teach me gratitude, kindness, caring. Who teaches with this severe approach? I don’t want to know them, know it.

You are handling it like everyone else, just plowing through…

I hate being like anyone else.

Then you are unique.

No, I’m stubborn. Cancer is selfish. it is a waste of his time, of my time.  There are a million ways to learn selflessness, compassion, appreciation for science. This is not the way.


Sagittarius is incompatible with Taurus.  He hates her stubborn. She hates his need for adventure. She slips her hand into his waiting, ever growing-bonier palm and recites Muir. When the morning comes, she tells him to put a smile on his lips, and only after, to open his eyes; and with this small act of stubbornness she sets the tone for the day.



#for Reticent Mental Property

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