Beyond Romance

RPMbwlovepoemDon’t be heartbroken, my future, as yet undiscovered new lover; romance isn’t dead.

At our age, it is just finely tuned, has more depth, is more satisfying on multiple levels and and doesn’t leave one crying into a pillow.

It doesn’t require purchasing diamond rings, though diamond earrings are okay.

It’s not called romance. It’s called something else…oh, it’s called mutual satisfaction…what is that…oh Carnal Knowledge? no…too rough…it’s emotional, but not a swoon….Yes, we swoon, but more from the entire self than a lightheaded feeling…it is guttural, stems from the core, it twists the entire body into a sweet pleasurable pain that can be repeated over and over and over.  It engages the mind, adds patient anticipation, yes, want and desire still rule.

And even better, it involves laughter, at one self, and each other, with each other.   It has touch, confident touch, a stroking touch and thrives on ordering someone around in the best way one can give orders. It’s is both sweet and sweaty, it is still consuming and hot and compelling.

In comparison, romance seems rather one-sided…


# For Reticent Mental Property, image credit blogspot

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