And he Was


s: Now you know what my days are like as well. I feed my mind with these kinds of thoughts.  I haven’t let myself go “there” for many years. My life here,  numb.  And I thought I was being a good girl, the good wife. But denial is not good for me and the more I explore and converse, the better (and worse!) it is in terms of wanting more. I can’t explain the attraction, it just has always been


I’m a thinker and have to be careful not to walk away, to run, when I need to be falling forward.  I’m safe with you, yes…?  I take all the risk in meeting you for this.




You are more than safe.  You will be respected, treated as you should be when with me.  I will be your escape from the everyday.  Be open and be yourself with me. I do not judge. Ask, say or do anything.




s: Hear me inhale sharply as I read your words, see how my head falls forward as I imagine time in your hands, my body slipping away, over the edge of safety. I’m getting lost here, so curious and hungry.  I want to be everything you wish me to be…I want to feel, I want to let go. I want to smell and taste, sweat and fly.  I want to know this,  my best self revealed,  my hunger finally fed but not satisfied.  I want the want, the anticipation, the need to be there, the crawling back to your capable hands, the calling me back to your creativity for more….more…more…



“Be so careful with me.”  Yes, she clearly remembers those words… “Be so, so careful.”  

#For Reticent Mental Property, August 16, 2013 photos credit



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