With an H

RMPletterMMistress wanted by Millionaire – 42 (West Side)

Woman wanted to serve as my mistress in my executive offices and my home. If you love to dress sexy in the hottest labels, know how to bring a man pleasure with your mind,body,and mouth and above all know how to be discreet I want to hire you.

Good eve,

Unfamiliar with this type of post,  I have all sorts of questions. Perhaps, my situation already precludes me from consideration.

If not, then yes, I’d be interested in learning more.

All the best, – Paij

craigslist 5121715331
I encourage u to respond I am looking for a woman in her fifties Sent from my…
Aug 21 (2 days ago)

Let’s talk, Paige. Call me. – The Man seeking the Mistress

Hello, Paij? Yes. Hello… Pardon me while i speak with my bartender and let him know i’m going out to the patio to speak with you. (muffled voices)…. There. Thank you for waiting. One has to take care of one’s staff, yes? I’m looking for someone full-time. I am seeking someone extremely submissive. Would you consider yourself submissive. Willing to role play, dress as my secretary, make some mistakes, deal with discipline? Good. How old are you? Mmmm. I am looking for someone in her 50’s.  Hmmm. Young.  I can adjust.  And how tall are you…okay. Weight? What is it?  Oh, you are rather thin.  Well, okay for your intelligence I will make an exception.  You are working full time? This will be 9-3. Some evenings hours if it works better. I pay $1,000 a day. Do you just enjoy writing about this or are you ready to do this? I’d like to meet you. Today. You are leaving town? You can still email while out of town. You won’t. You will not as you are out of town for pleasure…hmmm.. And send a photo before you leave.  Call me when you return.

Two days later after a phone call lasting 3:12 seconds this via email from Paij to John, with an H, and aware of the various risks.


When we next speak, or meet,  let’s clarify your expectations and mine. You were quick to accept alternative age and weight, which surprised me. It is important to me, you be pleased or this will not work as well as it could, yes?

Your Terms: Submissive has many definitions; extremely submissive requires some further discussion of expectations and sharing of limits. I am interested in dressing in designer labels in your executive suite or your home for 1K. I am not slave material. I do not seek to clean your bathroom with my toothbrush. I do not seek humiliations though I appreciate and respond well to verbal instruction and physical direction.

Hours and Location: Agree to 8-3pm availability. Rate must remain negotiable until we meet and finalize terms. Full-time implies? exclusivity? hours? Executive office location,  home location?

Health/Safety: Your current ddf paperwork is required as i prefer no condom use. Agreeable to NDA, however, for my own safety, I will have a discrete and location-informed party on call, during my time with you.

Photo attached per your request– Paij

You are gorgeous -John

Two days later, less rested than prior to departure, this email from Paij to John. 

Good Evening, I’ve returned home and am settled in for a quiet night. I’m sure there are reasons for my not finding Your photo gracing my inbox. –Paij

We discussed this call me. -John

We did not discuss “this”.- Paij

Perhaps you are confusing me with another applicant? Perhaps one from KC where I found a similar advertisement. -Paij

Silence. I see. Apparently you don’t like back talk… lol.- Paij

Sorry I was busy– John Sent from my iPhone

hmmm…a sorry?…didn’t expect that. -Paij

Long day?– Paij

Nasdaq was no quote for 2 hours long day. -John Sent from my iPhone

Ah, that will throw the schedule off… so your day had to be extended and tomorrow is already around the corner… You should have a nice beverage in hand, and dinner, but instead, mouthiness in the inbox.  My apologies. I can speak with you Friday, best time? and Yes, i am very skeptical. Especially given your name and your quick adjustment of age/size.  On Friday, we can discuss my interest in working for you in your executive office or home, while wearing whatever you desire. I’m skeptical about your intentions. Craigslist is notorious for monitoring ads for sex. –Paij

I am not nor have I ever been nor do I represent a member of law enforcement.  Perhaps a photo will alleviate your skepticism.  If I do not respond it is only because I am very busy and cannot always respond with alacrity. – John

I’m not sure what would alleviate my worry…any living previous employees available for reference check? grin. Send it yes, please. – Paij

Did u get the pic ? Still interested- John Sent from my iPad

Two hours later this via email from Paij to John with an H.

J, You are very intelligent. I find this attractive. But, you are dangerously intelligent when it comes to engaging in a submissive role. This worries me. Our brief conversation was at times, very relaxed, and then very terse. Were you not looking for a sub, i think i would go for this but alas, i’m just concerned i won’t be able to meet your needs as enthusiastically as someone who is more experienced in that area. I would not classify myself as extremely submissive. All the best– Paij

Then how about you serve as my eye candy either in my office or videos and pics- John Sent from my iPad



Imagining the possibilities, the risk, the learning, she called her friend in criminal justice who wanted to be her D and she called her FBI contact who served as her safety, who had declined to be her D.

#for Reticent Mental Property, August 24, 2013, image credit to sparkleyourcake.com

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