Racy Emails and Reds




Do you like wine?  I love a big bold red.  And I love to swirl it on my tongue.  If you ever see me sip one, you’ll probably notice it. 

I view this as savoring a fine red. And that’s nothing I am in a hurry to finish. I am busy. You are consumed. I love sharing thoughts with you. Your responses are delicious. Please do not mistake this as me wanting to be pen pals. That’s not my goal. This is all about timing. And soon,  I am quite confident we will hit our physical stride.  I’m also confident in the end result. We will fuck and love each other comprehensively. 
I know it.


Well, then, my personal Master Sommelier, we shall enjoy your bold reds, and my oaky cabs with hint of tannins, and the leggy reds of fall, together.  Oh,  I have a love of wines, alright. And I’m in need of a man who loves to swirl them on his tongue and then find my mouth and take a sip of me. You are a what is known as a good pour, Sir,  and this going to be known as a good year.  Friend, lover, taker, giver…now we really must schedule a tasting.

Hear me laughing with you….Raise your glass,  L.

Cheers! Moi.

And You
Will be
Connecting on so many levels; mind, body and now bottle…
Yours,  L.
 She remembers the swirling, his tongue, the tasting….Delicious is right. 
# November 23, 2013 for Reticent Mental Property with photo credit to http://www.becauseiamfabulous.com and Helen Hunt in The Sessions.

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