Reticent Mental Property

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Never Stop Dancing


I am strong,  so much  stronger than I have ever been.

Here, I am able to reach out, dance with my words and break out of conscripted roles as I adjust the promises made when perspective was missing.

When time is not on my side, when it lies to me and leaves my truth bare and needs naked, this is when I shove the clock off the cliff.  I shall never be without music again.

There’s learning to be had- no, to be taken– every time that gorgeous sun rises, burns off the shadows of complacency and brilliantly tames all of the yesterdays.

There is always enough time to breathe when one inhales the scent and seduction of living authentically.  

There is always enough time to taste the skin of acceptance when one lives on her lover’s schedule.

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3 comments on “Never Stop Dancing

  1. mrmodigliani
    November 27, 2013

    Lovely. Perfect.


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