Make an Entrance

RMPwomanwbagThe text comes through:  324, Dear.

Exit vehicle, parked near the side entrance.  Walks through lobby, head up, eyes searching.  No nod to the hostess, jingle of keys, balance of coffee in hand and bag of toys.

Ding of elevator, door slides to reveal the hallway,  spike heels click toward the heat.

Rap. She looks to the left, knowing he sees her already, sends a pufft of air through her lips to move her hair from her cheek.  Chin tilts to the right, grin surfaces, door opens.

Coffee removed, door locked, dress hits the floor, kisses from collarbone to ear to mouth and back and forth and zigzagging to dizzying breaths across her breasts,  gulps all the air from her lungs and twists that beautiful knife of want, over and over and over.

One by one, the buttons of his black shirt fall victim to her shaking fingertips; the silver buckle of his belt slows her down for but a moment.

#for Reticent Mental Property, November 29, 2013.

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