Match Me


Few voices  soothe and assure,  most amuse.

The sound of my own,  echoing back from the walls I plan to breach,  does not satisfy.

This silence can be conquered.   I have heard the music, have orchestrated the melee,  have lifted the ban on adventure and mapped the path to my mind.  I love the laughter- the happy-  as the girl escapes through my mouth into his.

Flirtatious introductions,  play of word and wit and want.  Can any keep up,  take ownership of my greed for the shaking,  collapse of my legs?

Rise to my challenge,  let our fierce duel ensue,  take my body to the bed,  head to the edge,  throat exposed and hands useless against your unwavering battle for release.

Those who cannot match my strengths: Unworthy.

I call them out as liars and boys.

#for Reticent Mental Property.

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