Tantric Partner

Women wait for interviewWanted: Tantric Demonstration Partner

The Interview

So rather than formally go to some sort of program/school for certification –and it DOES exist –you are taking the alternative route of providing the basic introduction, and some instruction, for a fee to clients who are not necessarily concerned about a credentialed therapist?  Yes. 

A portion of the fee goes to your female assistant?  Yes,  she serves as model for couples sessions and for single males who pay for the experience of sitting within inches of her flesh. She can demonstrate fellatio and other arts if she is capable, willing.

In preparation, your new assistant will likely engage in some training with you as well, for no fee, and it will be fun for both and if they are compatible, everyone has happy endings.  Is that correct? Yes. 

What do I wear? Whatever you’d like, before.  During, nothing. 

No typing? None.

A successful tantric experience requires trust-  a bond with the partner – and if you want to achieve trust, you’ll need to touch me and I’ll show you how my body and mind responds.  Yours is not a question, but Yes.

It was a fantastic working relationship.  His hands worked his magic, she fed his clients’ curiosity,  and over and over, she rose to his touch -during- and again, after.

# for Reticent Mental Property, November 30, 2013. Photo credit to theguardian.com 

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