How great to hear from you! I’m happy you are ok.

It’s a long road back to safe and sane. How’s the new apartment?

I’m glad you are on the pavement…you need some spike heeled boots…they will secure you to the shifting, melting, asphalt of life.Yup. Spiked boots and music.

WHAT- no, not what-  WHO are you listening to on the radio?  Music is necessary therapy, darling.


I don’t want to rub in how I’m doing ok -if you are not- but I am ok.   Alex is not out of the woods- but there is a way out, and we are finding it and he is going to make it. We’ve been in the hospital about 63 overnights since August.  He’s a tough old coot  and I’m completely confident it will be beat.  Meanwhile- the scrawny guy from Infectious Disease who has an office in the oncology wing has hit on me and the security guard from downstairs and the guy in… the freakin’  hospital is full of people who do not work but spend their days salivating over women in distress.

Typical males?  I sure as hell hope not…though I do admit to bringing heat to the floor every fricken day during visiting hours and all the docs are very attentive and like to shake hands with me, and drop in and check on him, etc!

Adventures? Me?

Well, shortly after I sent that touch-base note,  I locked in a long-term gig.  I’m writing for a travel blog and will adventure to Italy and shop in the market for the most fragrant tomatoes and basil and learn to make that balsamic reduction from a chef I’ve heard is seriously talented.  There are wine tastings, and walks to the local spots where the wine is tapped from a barrel of the local grown grape and you can bring your own bottle and fill it right there. Fresh everything.  Sunshine and my head will be swirling with that Italian accent and I’ll let myself eat bread.  Ha! I have to work on my spin and how I can word all the tastes and flavours.  So much research to do. I’m a little nervous!

I’ve been writing a lot. So much inspiration in my days.  Check out my my blog.  Full of crazy adventures.  It is good to be in the city again. I love downtown. Love my loft. Love the shows. Love the shopping. It’s all good.  When you are strong and healthy, come stay for a while. I’ll cook for you and take you out to the lounge. You’ll love  the music. Unlike anything you’ve heard before.

So, I want you to concentrate on getting yourself in a spot that has a healthy dose of reality, rooted in common sense and keep making good choices…and mostly, laughing, belly laughs if you can. And consider working out…burns in a good way.

Hugs to you and if you need that cross on your forehead, take it.  Nothing wrong with submitting to a higher power worthy of your attention…know what I mean?

With love my friend, as only old friends can give,


Sealed with a lipstick kiss, addressed with a red pen in near-calligraphy script and tucked into the postal box at 3pm on Tuesday.
# for Reticent Mental Property

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