Dance Partner


You must be feeling better, Dear.

Yes. Yes I am. I’m not yet tango material, but a close,  slow dance, the length of my body pressing to yours…yes.

That sounds wonderful.  Would this be vertical or horizontal dancing?

With me it always seems to start out vertical, with the most honorable intentions…

And then?

And then I end up back to the wall,and my knees fail me

as your hands hold me in place

and pull me to you

and your lips graze my ear to whisper how you’d like to have your way with me

while my heaving chest, rises and falls, in exaggerated fashion,

assisting my breasts in finding your heart

and encouraging your chin to nuzzle forward into the triangle at the base of my throat

and your lips to burn a path from neck to the hollow below my ear and


lightly skim across my cheek

and the tip of my nose

and the curve of my closed eyelids and

back down to my waiting mouth

where we kiss and inhale each other

taking the taste of authenticity deep into our lungs

to remind ourselves




That is spectacular,  Dear.  Just perfect.  I’ll lead now.

If she had any regrets at all:  Failure in perfecting the dip.   

#for ReticentMentalProperty

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