Fall Forward

RMPwoman on cliffIn my year of ’44 I promise to fall forward when I feel like running.

The old me is still strong -wants to run; the new- to fly.

Learning is creating great quakes of consternation,

and I can feel the bones of my soul stretching.

As fear melds into laughter and reveals the colours of the living,

I can feel each dark fibre of complacency and numbness snap.

I hear a sharp intake of breath,  so near!

And I look back to find it is my own voice

which has opened its throat to gasp and claw for this strange,  new air.

And I fill my lungs with this weightless grace;

I courageously leap from the cliff of the mundane.

She  falls forward,  leaving behind the old traditions and expectations,  watching them run to suck the marrow from her skeleton.
#for ReticentMental Property.

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