In my Head

RMPwordsholdingmeI know your words so well now.   And, when I come across them in my saved emails  I’m always caught for a second, suspended in want,  until I put it all into perspective.  

 I had fallen for you. Hard.

It was a million words ago.

And since, have picked myself up.  And dusted myself off. 

And today,  can almost pretend you never happened.

Except you changed everything.

You were my first word trader in a currency of written conversation.

Who can compare off the page to what I  let imagination create between us in our screen time together?

You laughed once about how I became so smitten.

I confessed the power someone has when he is the first to unlock decades of wandering lost and lustless living.

So grateful I read between  your lines.  So pleasurable to power up and find your words waiting for me while I was still sleepy and wearing my pajamas.   Words with my coffee became the best meal of the day.

So pleased you were years ahead of me and knew what I was facing.  And were patient enough to let me figure it out and learn to articulate it without blame, before I grew to hate and regret the good choices I made all those years ago.

Lovers?  Us?

We never touched.  But our words, oh, they caressed me late into the night.

Beautiful foolish lover.   She let his words get in her head.   Tut-tut. 


#for Reticent Mental Property, photos exchanged,  privacy forever protected, and permission to share will ever, ever be sought.

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