RMPbubblebathPlease remove the rose colored glasses from the silk pouch near your keyboard and wear them for the duration of this escape.

Women can have it all, Sheryl Sandberg.

Rough and gentle

Some love-fucking.

Some exclusivity and crazy reckless multiples.

Sensual and raw, crazy and slow

Mid-afternoon trysts,

Locked doors,

Introducing my shoulder blades to the wall.

The only truth is in the intensity.

And how you slowly trace the vertebrate bumps down my back,

with one finger,

while I rest between your knees

in the bubbles of the bath.


I won’t run.  I’ll swagger

back to the demands of my day,

and carry you with me,

dripping down the inside of my thigh.

Contrary to popular belief, productivity can be increased  by 17%  given improper motivation.   

#for Reticent Mental Property. Photo credit to: thomasbrava.deviant.com

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