Work with me Here

RMPworkfromhomeHey Rman, did your client come through or just leave you hanging?

Didn’t meet with the client.  Or the rep. But they have no choice but to deal with this.  He manages a tech stack that was causing the app that runs the business to be down. My guess they are out about 10M. So far. When the manager 4 levels above him is involved, it’s time to focus on a fix. Would love head south early but I’ll have to deal with this.

10M. Yikes. Critical fix is right. So you will have a busy Friday solving all. Totally understand.

I have a call starting in 66 minutes. The day will take shape from that point. The good thing is, we had nothing to do with the outage and have helped on the periphery to fix and advise. The tech guys on my team are pros. They’ve made some recommended changes and have improved everything from this end. We’ve got long term infrastructure improvements in place as well.

Good.  Team will save the day. And without travel to me you’ll be able to do what you need to do without my thighs distracting you from your duties. Though I admit, I love hearing you on the phone, working in the background. Hot, sexy boss types get me off…

Well, then, we should work together more often.

Love to. I’ll set up my laptop and wear something comfortable. You work. I’ll write. We can take a fuck break at 10 a.m., make love at Noon, etc.

I like that schedule. Really like.

She sat, crossed and uncrossed her legs, and traced his name on her thigh with the tip of her finger. 

#for Reticent Mental Property

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