RMPearringsI watch him pull into the lot and shut off the engine.  In one unrushed move he exits, straightens his jacket,  walks around and behind, then stops at her door  where he opens it and reaches out with his free hand.  He feels her place her palm in his,  and he lightly steadies her as she rises up and looks into his face.   He locks his eyes with hers and smiles, his adoration imperceptibly flashing across his face and just as quickly,  she accepts and returns it with an easy grace.

Until his shadow crosses her window,  she sits waiting in the passenger seat; actually has no intention of moving until he opens the door and extends his arm.  There is no question he will be there.  No need for her to move until he is in position.  Her makeup is perfect, matching boots to scarf,  her lovely trim silhouette reveals itself as she stands and leans slightly into him.

They float across the stone to the entrance.  He walks  to the curb with her, his shoulder brushing her shoulder, his hand cupping her elbow slightly,  and with soft pressure to her arm with his fingers she knows she should step up first. He follows,  standing tall, strong, his jaw thrust forward, his kindness and care for her radiating all the way across the car to where I sit mesmerized;  a stranger stealing the moment, unable to turn away, unwilling to look away.

My heart registers the respect reserved for such bonds and I take myself out of my vehicle and walk the same path they took into the shop where I need to  pick up my package.

Inside,  she is at the counter explaining what she wants.  A bit eccentric,  detailed and precise, but not needing assurance she asks for several items,  refers to her ipad for a few particular style details  and nods her head to show she agrees to certain selections.  She is not dissuaded from the quality she demands and she shares photos and the necessary detail to define her intentions.

Behind her, he is already shopping, allowing her to speak for herself and trusting her to articulate her needs and find him after.

I stand at the counter to the left and feel his charisma across the distance.  He is tuned in to her and her alone ,  his business in the building merely to bring her there,  nothing more, nothing less,  steady and pleasured by her nearness.

When she rejoins him in the aisle, he puts a hand to the small of her back and then, just as casually as can be,  he turns her chin away from him, and ever so gently, traces his fingertips from her shoulder up the side of her neck, and stops at her left lobe to secure the back of her earring.  As his lips part a bit,  I know they are skilled and gifted lovers for,  and with each other,  connected in mind and touch, anticipating each other’s needs and giving and taking playfully and expertly wherever they might find themselves the privacy to partake.

How refreshing to eavesdrop on a man of his calibre, a couple with this acceptance of honest care for another, a breathing partnership giving life to the mundane.   His silvered hair, his style, his attentiveness to his partner so alluring; their world gracefully falling in an orderly fashion creating an intimate cocoon for adventures.




#for Reticent Mental Property. 

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