After the Awards

RMPkatharineRossStepfordWivesSusie: (hug) Just wanted to thank you for letting him do this for us. I mean, you give up a lot of family hours so he can work with these guys and I know how it is.  My husband was in the military. He was in Iraq for over a year.  That was hard with kids at home.

Myra: (hug back) Well,  I don’t “let” him do anything.  He really enjoys this.   He doesn’t need to ask my permission to put time into what is important to him.

Claire:  Ladies, a happy husband is a happy wife.

Myra:  Has nothing else to say,  is thinking.  Suddenly, the urge to run resurfaces. There’s a niggling frustration she’s glossing over,  one she shoves to back of her throat before it becomes a sob.  It’s an old movie- the wives are cleaning beautiful homes while wearing pretty heels,  have lovely waistlines and pretty upturned mouths.  Everyone is so pleasant. And the husbands all so smug.  And the women are so happy… to vacuum.   She looks at the other wives.  She looks at her husband. She is not smiling.

Oh, Myra.  Come to me. 

 #for Reticent Mental Property- Photo credit,  1975; The Stepford Wives. 


4 thoughts on “After the Awards

  1. I have learned to never assume. Perhaps D/s has not been discussed, may not be applicable. I used to believe stuck is a mindset, a choice, and a responsibility once certain lines are crossed. Perhaps she needs a bit of chaos. Perhaps she needs fresh perspective. I’ll ask.


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