Some do

RMPheelspantiesHeels and Panties. Extremely sexy. Do women still wear these?

Good Evening,

I just wanted to assuage your concerns…Yes, some do.

And we look lovely, though you may not always be privy to the reclined pose posted in this ad, we wear this daily, hiding it (sadly) under our day to day wardrobe of responsibility and appropriate attire.

The shoes however, they speak for themselves, and sometimes, require a steady arm when we dare to wear them out of the bedroom and into the melee.


She had the shoes. She had the panties. She had so much more. 

#for Reticent Mental Property.

4 thoughts on “Some do

  1. Ms. Ret, I do! I do! I do! waving my hand. dievca wears beautiful panties and sky high heels (along with other lovely options — “diversity, dievca, diversity”). XO


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