Wishing I had the time to sit, to compose, to draft and re-draft.

But today, all time is not mine. And this reminds me, it never is. And to use what I have been given

and what I give,


with care and a little crazy,  to those who appreciate me as I am, see me for who I am.

Do not wish me changed, but wish me inflated, and copied, and set in reserve,

so when I am not there,

I can be pulled off the shelf,

and a piece of me placed nearby,

until my presence effortlessly fills the room

and my laughter finds the ceiling.


Carry on, then.

#for Reticent Mental Property


7 thoughts on “Time

  1. Oh I’ve definitely drafted- re-drafted and then scraped everything before…and as for time..sometimes it’s not your friend. (but on a random side note I wanted to Thank-You Ret, I think in a very odd way you gave me some good luck, I actually managed to get one of my first interviews with a Designer. Hehe, Thank you once again x-)

    – Zaychishka


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