Erotic Pen Pals 1 (Preface)

typewriter keysA couple of years ago I exchanged emails with a talented young man as part of a creative writing exercise.  We “met” through an online creative writing program of his design with the goal to create heated pieces of writing with an erotic fantasy slant, written for and with a like-minded writing partner.

The plan to take turns expanding the story based on the previous installment worked very well.  The pieces we submitted over the course of the engagement will be published here, on RetMP,  under the Pen Pal category.

Sometimes, a post will include actual on-line correspondence between the two of us.  Over a span of about three months we emailed regularly while filing stories and watching as our characters’ relationship matured on the page and grew more bold after each taking.

The collaboration was a wonderful and painful writing experiment.

It revealed how personal life regardless of our wishes and limits,  infiltrates our online persona, pushes our writing abilities and serves as a gateway to learning about emotional awareness we may not have tapped when constrained by traditional mores, traditional roles and health and safety concerns of  real life encounters.

Further, writing with anonymity is very liberating.

Though we never intended to meet- in fact both preferred not- we did find ourselves challenged to remain writing friends, to keep fantasy from reality.

Our time together as on-line lovers was brief;  our scenes fast paced and satisfying.

Yet, at times, we pushed established limits of non-physical interaction by requested meets or sharing where the other was working or traveling with direct intent to create an opportunity for live contact.  Gratefully,  each inherently stepped into common-sense mode, one being weak exactly when the other was solid and strong,  and thereby balancing each other’s requests for real touch from the writing partner.   We almost never wavered.

The Contributors:

Pen Pal Joe spends his working hours in IT.   Our writing goals collided after he completed time in the military and he was returning to the university.  While writing some racy fantasy scenes for a girlfriend he realized he had a gift for writing and he wanted to explore it with a like-minded writer.  The project served to meet his goals of utilizing his vast creative sexual knowledge and solid writing skills to convey a connection in a more poetic format than the porn style writing he was used to consuming and producing.

Pen Pal Ret, as a blogger for a variety of parenting websites and a PR consultant,  set goals for the project including a complete change in genre and the opportunity to explore sexual adventures, push the boundaries of gender and women’s studies with erotic and fantasy pieces.  I also wanted to advance my writing skills beyond the technical reporting and research topics typical of my work.  Admittedly,  I found it very moving to be the intended audience for a story and fun to find snippets and vocabulary from non-story correspondence included in the fantasy writing installments ; talk about knowing one’s audience! Thank you, Joe.

Comments and questions on posts are always welcome and with some encouragement,  perhaps Joe and I will work together to respond to readers.

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#for Reticent Mental Property. Picture compliments of the web, and was the actual photo used in the original article soliciting an erotic writing partner.

12 thoughts on “Erotic Pen Pals 1 (Preface)

  1. Erotic pen pals, an interesting concept but then fantasy and reality are coupled for a reason, it enhances every touch, every whisper and kiss upon the sweetness of a moment.

    Deliciousness and extravagance of the flesh, a dance of eroticism, the taste of a lover’s embrace and the fire within that burns through the real meaning of ecstasy.

    The authenticity of which is electric.

    Have an enjoyable Thursday with lashings of all the right ingredients…



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