Erotic Pen Pals 2 (Introduction)



So you are interested in writing erotic stories for me, about me, with me?

Able to fabricate a delicate balance between lust and passion?



I’m interested in writing erotic stories for, about, and with you, as well as have you write some for/about/with me as well. Maintaining the delicate balance between lust and passion has been a tricky thing for me. As much as I want to use dirty talk (which I’m not sure how you feel about, but sometimes it can really hammer home a point), I’d like to learn other ways to describe a passionate love scene.What are you interested in doing?


Dirty talk is great at the right times, but one it flies off of the page and into my head  and then disappoints, doesn’t hold attention as long, or as powerfully. Even dirty talk can be well-written into a moving moment…there’s a book that is total trash, The Other Bolynn girl , i think it is called, by Philippa Gregory…with a scene in it between a woman and a man who is not wealthy, who is of farming/menial lifestyle, etc and the scene between the two is carnal and powerful and raw, the language not flowery but so kind, completely worth reading over and over and over….

I can be a reader for you and will develop a connection to you that will scare me, a little, because i will give human connection to your story. I believe everyone deserves passion and lust and this kind of basic, erotic,  human connection in this world.


Actual human touch can be both kind and callous, but in a book, or on the written page, in an on-line email exchange, IF well done, lets the reader almost feel the depth of the stroke, etc….Through writing about you, for you, with you,  I can take more risk, expose a more playful, sensual and exhibitionist side because, at the heart of my being, I’m a generous lover and I know how great the gift of a passionate encounter can be and I don’t want anyone to live life without the opportunity to know the richness of being fully satisfied, safe and treasured by someone…


does this make sense?



I think it makes perfect sense and even reading it made me a little excited in anticipation for what will our exchange will create. I also feel like it’ll be a good challenge for me to really move away from the dirty talk that I normally use when writing about an erotic experience. I have a very active imagination, so once I get started I can find plenty of ways to keep things fresh and make you want more. I’m really interested to hear what you’ll do for me too.


First big step for you then. I need your name. I do not need your surname. I need a physical description so i can see you writing with me. I already have a little bit of your voice in my head but that will develop as i read what you write. Some ground rules:  i have a day job and a night job so  you have to prepare yourself to not hang on every hit of the send button…and you have to prepare yourself that if I don’t respond in depth or quickly or (insert your choice of adjective/adverb) it isn’t because I don’t like the path your story is taking,  or am not enjoying your writing, etc. I have a lot going on and an odd schedule…


I have to keep a balance in my off-line work and my on-line work or this kind of exchange can take over my days…and weeks…and…


Any rules from you?



I’m pretty average height. I have black hair that’s always kept short (crew cut short) and very deep brown eyes. I always have a little stubble and a short goatee. Growing up, and still even today, I had a lot of compliments about my eye lashes being long. The defining aspect of my face is the scar under my left eye that I got when I was 5 years old. I have a tattoo on me left shoulder of the cat from the Blues Traveler album “Four.” When I smile, I tend to smirk more than smile.All your rules sound fine and I can very easily respect your boundaries. Right now, I can’t think of any “rules” I want you to adhere to, but should something arise I will be sure to mention it; never in a vindictive way. I think communication is important and since I’m really excited to write with/about/for you, I really want to make sure you’re happy enough to keep coming back to it.



i have blues traveler Four playing in the background right now.

i like, btw.

thanks for the description. v. helpful. (hoping i can stretch that smirk into a smile someday for you…)

I’m not average height. I’m 5′ 7 but carry myself like I’m 5′ 9. I light up a room and frequently get that flash of the lust-look from those who haven’t mastered the ability to mask their public appreciation for an attractive woman.  I don’t mind.  If I’m not attracted,  or they offend me, i shut them down.  I generally wear a smile, all the way to my hazel eyes, and I know that sometimes i share it too easily. I often invade other’s space typically by touching them on the shoulder when I’m walking through a crowded room or by searching  too long by looking into their eyes as I try to detect a gentle kindness inside or a sense of humor. I have straight brown, blonde, copper hair (today!) which i usually wear in a bob, sometimes tucked behind my ears. Often i wear it up at work and add a pair of glasses, a modern day fashion accessory, instead of wearing my contacts. I have a classic nose, a long, long neck, good skin, and a beautiful line you can’t help but trace if get the chance to put your hands on that warm place just under my ear, right where you can feel my heart pulsing, and then tenderly slide your fingertips down to the top of my shoulder and back to that silky strap that will call out to you, begging you to hook a finger under it….


more later.


If everything I get from you gets my heart to flutter the way it just did, then my dear, you will get your wish for getting me to smile.


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#for Reticent Mental Property March 28, 2014.

12 thoughts on “Erotic Pen Pals 2 (Introduction)

  1. “I believe everyone deserves passion and lust and this kind of basic, erotic, human connection in this world.” The absolute seed and my favorite line.


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