Erotic Pen Pals 3 (Joe: Silky Strap)


I think I would hook my finger under it. The entire night would lead up to that moment, and I would be waiting for it to come from the second I laid eyes on you.I felt compelled to approach you, more compelled than I had ever felt previously. Though we were surrounded by the most well dressed people in the city, I was locked in your gaze and suddenly there existed nothing else in the world but you and your history. From that moment on, all I knew was that I wanted to solve the mystery that was you, a perfect stranger.


One look was all that was needed to compel me further.


For the entire night, I was enthralled with everything that was you.


Your hazel eyes drew me in, your confident posture kept me there, and your soft voice continued to bait me as I discovered just what it was that wouldn’t leave my thoughts.


I decided to press further. I had to know if what I was seeing was as wonderful as my body was telling me.Softly, I brushed your hair behind your ear, resting it gently behind the bow of your glasses. Then you did something entirely unexpected.


The entire night, I noticed how you took charge of everything around you. You spoke to those you only had an interest in speaking to, and confidently brushed past those you seemed genuinely bored of. Never breaking my gaze, you took a small step towards me. It was that one motion, knowing that you were confident in your actions that I lost control.


And as difficult as you were to read, your rapid heart beat and heaving breathing could not be masked when I leaned in to kiss you.



RET to JOE via email.

good morning.

I enjoyed “meeting” you in our story. Anticipation and lust can be beautiful. it can drive us to distraction. can make us see things where they do not exist, focus our minds on all points of connection, not just those most utilized in the visuals of porn- Ret


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