Erotic Pen Pals 5 (Joe: Party)

RMPkiss me in the rain

Even as my head screamed in opposition to being uncharacteristically bold, I left my inhibitions behind. Her skin felt soft, almost inviting under my lips, and the scent of her hair filled my head like the perfectly aged wine she held so delicately in her hand. I had become so wonderfully engrossed by her that I couldn’t be bothered to notice the snickering taking place behind me. My attention during this brief moment of existence was all hers, my beautiful stranger.

As I leaned out, the noisy environment we found ourselves in caught up to us.

However distracted I once was, I knew what I wanted and what I wanted was to be alone with her in the purest sense. Somehow I knew nothing I could offer her would ever be what I felt she deserved, but I was so captivated by her being that I didn’t care. What I could give her was, in my mind, exactly what she longed for. This moment of weakness on both of our parts filled me with the confidence of a conquering general, and I gently took her hand in mine. I should have expected resistance and in any other circumstance I would have been surprised; not tonight. Once she felt my hand take hers, she was swept up in my appetite for romance.

I lead her outside to the balcony, drinks in hand and smiles plastered across our faces. We sat out there, above the weeping world covered in the glisten of the recent rain. Together, we were rulers. Her laughter steadily and reliably recharged me, and I was ready to swear off sleep with her until our bodies couldn’t support their weight and we collapsed in a heap of tangled limbs and hair. Never in my life have I conversed with someone with whom I intended to bed. However, never in my life have I felt such a calling. No one has ever reached me in such a way before. I was exploring it, I was exploring her.

Calmly, I looked into her eyes and the passion they were bursting with; the same passion I could feel she tried to deny but couldn’t. I could see it in her actions, her words, and her tone. She was a dam of ecstasy and excitement bursting at the seems. She was hanging on my every word and finally my voice found purchase with someone who challenged me on every level. I racked my brain for the words, and I was coming up with nothing. How to tell her all these feelings? In the space where words fail, I had no other option. Resting my hand on her neck and feeling her pulse race, I placed my other hand on her hip, pulling her close to me. Her eyes closed. My eyes closed. Our lips met.

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