Erotic Pen Pals 6 (Together: On the Ledge)

RMPHarryWeisburd2010RET to JOE via email

Had to start a new thread..

So we have met, and we are standing on the balcony and we rule the world. In our heads. : )

You have just kissed me and you have your hand on my hip, and you are pulling me in. Pulling me closer. No one is snickering.  Everyone is so lost in their meaningless conversations and has had too many beverages…the balcony is not private, enough. but it is dark, and on this January night, the air is frosty…R

RETs  Contribution:

As you keep kissing me, you take a step closer to me and with your feet now hip width apart, you easily take up more space, and this shields my body from the open patio door we have walked through to escape the crowd….This small movement, this masculine stance strutting your strength and primal need for connection with me, lets your thighs jut forward enough to give your own hips the tilt that unmistakably carries the promise of what is to come.


You move your other arm from the small of my back and without hiding it, you blatantly grasp the curve of my backside, and then with both hands now on my hips,  you pull me in to you, a rough reminder that you have plans for me.


I hear a quiet, but not silent moan from somewhere that escapes your throat and sends shivers down my arms.


I can’t help myself, I rest my thighs against yours and arch my back, my now hard nipples strain to find skin, your skin, knowing it will not be found here, now,  but wanting to free them, to give them to your hands, your mouth, press them into your chest, right there, no matter who can see us right now.


I’m so ready for more, i am willing to let anyone watch me, so they can find even a tiny bit of satisfaction in what is so good between two strangers who are lost in an embrace that is all about meeting carnal needs…a straining dance of give and take, of savor and devour…


JOEs Response:

Lost in this moment, I forget that we’re not alone and I rub my hands from your backside up the front of your body. Your hard nipples jump out at my touch and there is no mistaking why. Wrapped my arms around you before returning them to your rear and lifting you up on the concrete barrier and resting you gently there. You crack a smile as you wrap your legs around me and rest your arms on my shoulders.


“I think we’re putting on a bit of a show, here,” I mutter softly to you, trying to keep my voice calm beneath as my veins course with adrenaline. “Think we should move somewhere more private?”


“Let them watch…” you whisper into my ear. The words eagerly resting on my mind like the promise of something amazing to come. You return your lips to mine and dance your tongue around in our mouths with mine. A gentle moan escapes with your breath, a moan that I craved to hear from the moment my skin felt yours. “Let them watch.”

RET via email to JOE:

Ahhh. This is fun … this writing thing…

And now your voice is in my head…

I must get back to work.

Hold that thought- and hold on to me…I don’t want to fall of the balcony ledge…

JOE to RET via email.

I will hold on to anything of yours that I can. 🙂

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#for Reticent Mental Property EPP. Photo courtesy of the web and credit must be given to Harry Weisburd 2010.


7 thoughts on “Erotic Pen Pals 6 (Together: On the Ledge)

    • Intensity for breakfast….maybe I should be posting at dusk instead of dawn…hmmm…. The collaboration certainly worked in this situation. Keep in mind I did not know Joe, did not exchange pictures, no familiarity with any writing style or skill level prior to the project. We just let ourselves write creatively with little censorship. There were some side conversations to gently guide adventures and I’ll share some of those.


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