Erotic Pen Pals 8 (Joe: Conference Room)

RMPconferenceRmCeilingJOE to RET via email then an installment…

I wasn’t sure how you felt about getting fucked in the open in front of people you knew.  Perhaps it’s not too late…



It wasn’t until I heard the footsteps that I realized we weren’t alone.


I could feel the blood training from my face as the weight of yet another blown opportunity at spontaneous passion.

Taking a deep breath, I turn to see one of the staff members casually walking towards us.

I’d been in his position before and I could read his train of thought like a Dr. Seuss book. Stumbling upon such a moment, it’s almost every man’s wish to be asked to participate. Never have I known of anything like that happening, but when there’s sex with a beautiful couple on the line you tend to cling to whatever hope your brain concocts.


He casually strolls over to us, making every attempt to sell himself in those brief seconds that he’s being sized up.


Unfortunately for him, he has been found wanting.

With a condescending pat on the front of his pants, he’s dismissed back to the party for the night and, being placed on such a high pedestal, my heart returns to my throat. In no position to object to where I’m being taken, she leads me to an empty conference room nearby. It doesn’t take her more than a second once we’re alone again to resume where we left off. In two swift motions, I’m now standing without pants; again, she wastes no time. Taking every bit of me in her mouth, I can feel my whole body begin to shake. Her lips and tongue seem to search every inch of my manhood. I’m at a loss for words, for breath, even for actions. The most I can do to prevent myself from buckling at the knees is grabbing a fist full of her hair and holding on tight.


She slowly stands up, sliding a finger in my mouth and whispering two words that have never in their existence sounded as inviting as they do now.

I don’t need to be told twice.

Picking her up by her tight butt, I spin her around and set her on the table behind me, stealing a kiss as I do. Sliding my hands up the outside of her legs, I make a direct line to her panties. Bracing herself with her hands, I remove them in one quick motion, something I learned from her only seconds ago. Kissing her lips, I move down her chin and onto her neck, licking my way to her inviting breasts. She lets out a soft sigh as she lets my coat fall to the table and slides each strap off her shoulders. Pulling the top of her blouse down, I finally have an unconstrained look at what I was desperately searching for out on the balcony.

Flicking your nipples gently with my tongue, I can hear you gasping in pleasure. Looking up, you bite your bottom lip and your beautiful eyes tell me to keep going. And I do so…gladly.

Hiking up your blouse more, I kiss down your stomach, finally stopping at your pelvis. Licking each thigh, I can feel the heat emanating from your pussy. Looking up and cracking a smile at your misery as you wait for what’s to come, I finally plunge in. Delicately at first, licking the length and stopping. I probe my tongue in a little further, your juices flowing on my stubble and pooling on the table below us. Moaning more, you rest on hand on my head and prop your legs on my shoulders. Using my fingers, I slide one finger in, then two, rotate them slowly, and slide them out, never once removing my tongue from your g-spot. Sucking on it, I look up for approval, not finding any because your eyes are closed and your head is leaned back, your hair flowing like an unbridled stream down to your back. Kissing back up your stomach, I stop inches in front of your lips.


an email from RET to JOE

Ru on line with me right now?


JOE to RET via email

…maybe  🙂

RET to JOE via email

Tsk Tsk.  You’re a tease. Perhaps I’ll ask waiter boy to come back in and service me.


JOE to RET via email

That’s just mean…

RET to JOE via email

Then admit you are hanging on my every addition to the story .  Right now.

JOE to RET via email

I think that’s obvious to both of us.


Though to be fair, I am getting the email notifications on my phone and I’m on my way to do a few errands this afternoon. Your emails are just wonderful, sexy perks.

RET to JOE via email

ahhh. yes. true…

then I’ll tell the waiter boy he can come back later, much later.

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#for Reticent Mental Property. Photo of McLaren Lodge courtesy of the web.

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