Erotic Pen Pals 9 (Joe: Raining)

RMPEPPRainingJOE _ an installment

You kiss me deeply, tasting what I did on your lips and loving every bit of it. You let your own juices dribble off my chin and catch them on the tip of your tongue, your taste buds dancing in the moment. You give me a mischievous smile, daring my tongue to play with yours. But the time for play is over. The time we have both been waiting for since the moment our eyes locked for the very first time mere hours ago is here. Neither of us need any direction. We share the same thought, and now we’ll share the same body.


Wrapping your legs around my hips, you guide me in to you. Still wet from your juices and my saliva, I find my way into you without a problem. You definitely don’t have a problem as your mouth opens before closing and biting your lip with ardor. Grabbing the back of my neck with your hands, you bring me in close for another deep, sensual, tongue-filled kiss and just taking in the feel of my hard dick inside you. Propping your knee up with one hand and bracing myself on your hip, I begin slowly thrusting. I get deeper and deeper inside you with each thrust, allowing my swollen manhood to get drenched in your juices. You moan, sliding your blouse further down, allowing me to get a view of your perfect breasts bouncing rhythmically to my thrusts in the dim light. I speed up, fucking you harder, feeling the table beneath us wobble with each thrust. It wasn’t meant for this and I imagine when it was built and installed in this conference room, no one had idea idea that one night two strangers would fulfill their bottle desires on it.

I can’t take it any more, I need you in every way. I pick you up with my hands and hold you close to me, kissing you and feeling your breasts wet from your sweat against my chest. I turn around to and gently take you to the floor. Instinctively, you get on all fours. Your tight ass glistening from the combined sweat from our bodies. I enter you without a moment’s hesitation, grabbing on to your hips and slowly driving myself further into you. You moan and gasp with euphoria, the sound of which encourages me even more. Squeezing your ass, I gently spank you. You turn your head sharply, throwing me a look of lust I will never forget. I know that if I continue this way, I may not make it much longer and I want to squeeze every minute from you that I can. Reaching down around you, I cup and squeeze both of your breasts, pulling your body up to me. Gently, I chew on your ear and kiss your cheek, whispering delicately “Want more?”



JOE to RET via email

Well…do you want more? 🙂

RET to JOE via email

you can pound out three paragraphs -just. like. that. (snap my fingers)

argh. I’m going to fall over.

JOE to RET via email

Should I continue? I’ve got a few other things I want to do to you right now (in the story and in real life, but we’ll just stick with the story).

ME to JOE via email

If you have time to continue, yes, yes, an emphatic yes.some of the story is blurring into real life…at least i can feel it cumming off the pages right into that warm spot between my thighs..
JOE installment

The only sound you manage to make in response was somewhere between a moan and a whisper.

In any language, in any voice, it meant the same thing. Whispering more, I tell you to stand up and put your blouse mostly back on. Slowly removing myself from you, you moan in protest. I assure you that what’s in store next will make up for this brief intermission. After replacing your blouse, minus your panties and bra, I slide my pants back on. Leading you by the hand back outside. By now, the rain is pouring down and everyone from the party has left in an effort to stay ahead of it. Or so we thought.

The rain hit our bare skin and we took in the view over the city. Taking you back to where we shared our first exploration of each others body, I turn your around and lift your blouse back up. The cold rain on your skin makes your blouse harder to manage. In a fit of ecstasy, you remove it entire. Your naked body now firmly in my grasp and collecting the cool water, your nipples stand erect. Smiling to myself, I follow suit. The rain feels almost as though it was sent by the god himself on our hot bodies. I enter you again, my dick dripping with natural lubricant from several sources. Harder and harder I thrust, pulling your wet hair into a pony tail and using it to gain leverage into. The thrill of the moment is too much, and your voice begins to build on itself. I know what is coming, and I’m ready. Right as your last breath enters your mouth to vocalize your passionate orgasm, I quickly pull out, spin you around, rest one of your legs on my shoulder and return my tongue to the depths of your pussy. You squirm, moan, and tense up, spilling all your juices into my mouth, where they belong.

ME to JOE via email

i’m left withonlyclicheaftercliche after that…spent.I have no arms around me. I can’t lean into your shoulder…I can’t dry off the rain. I’m not with you.buti am I hope we can continue this arrangement.Jump to previous Erotic Pen Pals 8 (Joe: Conference Room)Jump to next Erotic Pen Pals 10 (Joe: Negotiating Partners)

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