Hanging out in the Pimp Lobby

My Quote Day today is an entire article! xo

Sometimes, it's just a cigar

Just when you think the forces of swerfdom have reached peak batshittery something comes along that is so jawdroppingly bad that your ideas about just how much you are hated for selling sexual services have to be reevaluated. For this to happen twice in a week is the reason many activists, and simply sex workers like me who have an opinion, avoid anything in the mainstream about sex work. You quickly run out of spoons when the constant refrain is rape, rape and a sprinkling of racist neo colonial hetronomative patriarchy.

The first moment of peakness this week was one most people who follow this blog will be aware of, a radical feminist calling for the rape of sex workers in order to punish them for advocating for decrim. Of course she claims that is not what she meant, she was actually calling for the rape of the “pimp lobby”…

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