I am


Darling, there is no other woman at the bar.  I don’t know what you are talking about. 

Oh! My comment about Ms. Elusive was not in reference to some young thing sitting there across the dimly lit lounge.

No worries!

I was referring to your client who has refused to sign the paperwork you need to move the project forward. I know you are meeting her for cocktails tonight at 7 and I know you will charm her socks off,  in the most professional way of course.  And you,  with your unconventional approach, will get the job done.

I love how you make it all come together. You’ll lock up the deal and make your 4th QB and it will be top sales cruise for you.  Hot. Love that about you and how well you do what you do.

Let me assure you,  I am never jealous.  I do envy sometimes, yes.  But I am never jealous.

If there is someone in the room who catches your eye I might ask you to go and talk with her.  And in this way, I may be able to invite her to my bed. Mine first.

I will consider sharing later, though.

Or perhaps, as you are ending the evening you see that pretty blonde, aviators perched on top of her head,  and those lovely golden shoulders. She is still checking you out.  Yes, I  see she  seems to have your tongue tied in knots and your foot tapping impatiently.  Point her out to me again. I cannot keep track of all the lovelies who fawn over you.  Don’t worry yourself;  she’s the one I’ll gently touch on the shoulder, will offer to buy her a beverage and then introduce her to my man behind the Ray Bans.

Oh, you are going home to your wife?  I must remember to thank you for your attentiveness to her every whim.  She must have taught you that lovely move you do with your tongue.  And I’ll bet she helped you perfect the compliments you give on the birthdays I so despise.

Jealousy is a wasted emotion, Hon.  I know it well and will have none of it.

Kiss me now and taste me on your fingertips if you need to know if I am still Yours even though I know you’ll make me repeat it over and over as I rise above you tonight.

It’s okay, darling.

I’m all Yours.

I’m all Yours right now,  in this moment.   I. Am. All. Yours.



At what point did she stop doing everything to make him happy and start doing everything to keep him from being angry?

#for Reticent Mental Property, photo credit to letterstoluthien.wordpress.com




7 thoughts on “I am

  1. Ah, Ret — you make people think! Amaxing. I have to read through the piece, again, to feel the subtle, but strong emotions roll through my body. Irritated, not irritated. Jealous, not jealous. Sad, not sad. Tired, not tired.


    • It makes one think!? Love hearing this- the world needs to slow down and savore words a little longer, yes? Thanks for reading me, dievca, and for sharing this observation. I have also been told my writing weaves back and forth in time, requiring concentration to decipher, to appreciate. And I realize i have not given proper attention to your post on Stockings yet. Shame on me. Off to peruse some silk draped gams. Muah – Ret

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