Unnecessary Apologies


I pushed my luck but I got away with it. lol.

A weak moment of mine fueled by my appreciation for your gift giving.  I have been bought?

Just consider it the gift of a dear friend. Your true affections cannot be purchased, only given.

Of course I cannot be bought and I am far too expensive for most.

A smart man would offer you your unconditional freedom and then joyous laughter, play and ferocity should you choose to return.

Have I surrounded myself with such wise men?

I think I have been as light as a feather in the past couple of months. And intend to stay so.

Then I shall catalogue you as worthy and add you to my collection of rare treasures.

Thank you. I miss you, your gorgeous smile.You are making me lust for you.

Shall I apologize for making you lust for me. I think not.



It was always this way with him.  He desired the chase as much as the capture. 

#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of the web with a nod to Eva and her craft.

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