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Morning Flight

RMPitalybedA gorgeous final night for lovers abroad.

Raise your glass for me, to me.

Tell the stars some story about a generous woman

who touches your body in the morning dawn.

She kisses your eyelids tonight,  kisses you to sleep, to rest,

before packing the last trinket.

In the morning,

we will lie outstretched on cool cotton whites,

take up the entire bed and take note of the scenes,

the once unknown destinations

now captured

between us

to serve as private innuendo.

Take care to tuck into your memory

the swirl of smoke from the cigar in your hand,

the music we made in the windowsill,

my hips meeting yours in the open frame,

my back morphing into the moonlight view across the rooftops.

We’ve had a grand time,

plans played out and sites seen,

the intimacies of naked bodies

entwined night after night,

the reassurance of our existence confirmed with a sweep of an outstretched arm,

my fingertips brushing your ribs, your chest, your shoulder in the darkness.

The last night overseas,

always bittersweet,

the pace of the parting,

the familiarity with endings,

the last of the lovemaking driven into hazy, dizzy depths.


Locked into the travel itinerary- her climb on top of him, toes to toes, thighs to thighs, the cradling of his manhood in her heat, even as the sun rises.



#for Reticent Mental Property, photo courtesy of the web.




8 comments on “Morning Flight

  1. dievca
    May 25, 2014



  2. the muscleheaded blog
    May 26, 2014

    It’s a remarkably lovely and sensual verse, Ret.


  3. thruthemist
    May 28, 2014

    So beautiful. Traveling can be physical, spiritual, mental…..all are a sensual feast! This reminded me of many feasts. Thank you!



    • sensual feasts are a favorite; we should create them everywhere– from picnics to fine dining, why waste a moment.


      • thruthemist
        May 29, 2014

        This life flies by in lost moments for joy…..time to turn the page and let the bliss begin. Agree with you about fine dining, wasting moments…completely live in the now. It is all we have and it is up to us to make it glow.


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