RMPsuitcasewomanHope this will take the edge off your back-to-back meeting itinerary. Wishing I were lounging around au naturale with you.  Cannot believe we are looking at another week of opposing time zones again.  XO– Your Ret

PS.  Missing you…resting now. The grounds here are lovely, everything is in bloom, lush, lovely.  It has been a long week and I’m playing hooky from the board discussion on that piece of property on the south end.


Ahh. Those. are so beautiful.  And You. Are all mine.  I’ve been slammed all morning, since 6:30 and just had a chance to enjoy. So very sexy, Honey.


Kisses then. If anything, now you’ll have some imagery to draw upon when you manage to sneak a nap.

You know… I love sending you racy words and pics and providing care of your very manly interests while you work so hard.  The only thing better would be to have the ability to rifle through your suitcase and pull out one of your shirts and find your cologne strutting around in my head when I hit the send button.


Those years of heavy travel were eased with his rapid embrace of the latest digital technology and her willingness to create uncensored artful distractions for him.

For Reticent Mental Property. Visual courtesy of the web.

4 thoughts on “Maleness

  1. Having the smell of your mans cologne when you miss them, I can’t think of a pretty analogy for this (atm)..but it’s like when you have one of those moments when you pick at something that hurts..but in the end it also feels good- it’s like that when your waiting for your man- it’s a good and bad type of pain..when you spray a bit of their cologne to think of them…the missing and longing 😦
    So I feel for you.


  2. My sense of smell throws me into memories: Polo – HS Boys, Fahrenheit – Handsome Spanish Man, Goodlife – Graduate School Lover, Dove Soap/Lubriderm – Master (smile). I strutted His smell this morning. XO


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