Believe by Being

The Nakedness of Woman is the Work of God by William Blake

If I were forced to go to church,

I would worship at the altar

of the naked female body,

my head bowed down

in reverent respect.

Tiny diminutive shoulders and full-round breasts;

smooth silky skin and curvaceous wide hips;

which flare out forming the shape of a heart;

long long slender legs that come to a point,

in the dusky wonder of her groin;

the female form divine,

so different from mine,

soft and yielding,


I have done nothing more beautiful in my life

than in solemn silence pass the night

slowly running the back of my hand

along the length of her body

in the pale moonlight.

drinking in with my eyes

the glory and divinity

of the nakedness of woman.

She takes a pull of the sweet dark brew while he closes boxes containing the nudes.

He: I agree with Blake and couldn’t have written it more beautifully. And your figure is every bit as beautiful as what is on his page.

She: Thank you, and regardless of the truth of your statement, Brian’s work makes it believable. He enjoys giving women, the gift of not just feeling beautiful, but being beautiful….the tangible, touchable, beautiful proof printed on canvas and therefore, undeniable, even to her own mind’s eye… Smiles. Now Back to work here.


Knowing the number of women who would lend themselves to his lens and better, pay him for it, she kept telling him he needed to market this gift, let them walk in the mist with him, quit his day job.  He would shrug his shoulders, send her into the forest, raise his camera and instruct her to drop her dress, again.   

#for Reticent Mental Property. Poetry courtesy of  Shameless photographer recommend: . Photo from NI gallery, Spring 2013.

5 thoughts on “Believe by Being

  1. Yes, dievca, he was very kind in providing a sample shot from his 2013 collection where he apparently sent his models up steep cliffs, had them balance on rocky hillsides, wade into (and under) streams and climb in and out of ravines on misty mornings that spring and early summer. I’ve also seen some incredible winter work where I felt sorry for the women and what little one gets to wear when shooting nudes. This photographer’s gift, a true balance for the modern day media-weary woman and his depth of care for women and the natural beauty they may not see in themselves is rare and genuine. I’m looking forward to viewing his 2014 models and plan to post whatever he’ll allow me to share.


    • C- for as much reading as I do, I’ve not read much poetry…so Blake’s work is actually quite interesting to explore. I do love black and white photography so I find the play of light, the contrast of softness of form and the hard of the rock, the simplicity when viewed without the distractions of color, all so appealing. And of course, all of NI work is outdoor shoots so there’s the added element of nature– in some ways, the most appropriate place for the human body to be nude and appreciated…


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