Carve out the uninterrupted time to let yourself go to that deep, almost spiritual place and live there long enough to let the words find you and earn release.

Open your mind, your memories. Pull in the scenes from your dreams.  Let the words and emotion come through you, travel with thought-speed to your fingertips, fall out of you onto the page before you censor your soul.

Smell the past. Touch the future with your breath, let the very air you expel give lift under the wings of fantasy.

Hear the procession of words drumming in your head, lining up to the sharp rap of your chosen voice, commanding order from how you put let the letters in order but bend all limiting laws at your leisure.

Yes, an exhausting and beautiful connection.

Take care of yourself and allow this space to feed you, to strengthen the hardness of your bones, to prove you are alive.

Feed your Mind.

Feed Mine.


It’s okay to cry.  Babe,  just let it out. I’m here.    

#for Reticent Mental Property.


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