Fabulous Looks like This.   http://news.distractify.com/people/old-school-cool/?v=1

Now where can we buy a pair of glasses that give the rest of the world this grainy, delicious flavour?

We will cast all our friends and lovers in the light reserved for Friday mornings in downtown cafes.

Pick the right pair and we can walk through tunnels on quiet roads and look up- and beyond- the plodding steps we take.

Better,  let’s accessorize with sunglasses of the same. And with them perched on our noses, we will get the lead out of the old engine as we take Dad’s car for a spin and later we can recline on her hood and feed our affections to the night.




#for Reticent Mental Property. Photo credit to 2012 Bentley at carpictures.com

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